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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 19, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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rplane arriving in new york from san francisco is evacuated after a bomb threat. the terror >> pam: find that phone and dial plan was on its way to the big apple the feds want to know who's behind the call and why there is your latest. >> reporter: 10 stolen the specially after paris since made during american the video out of new york's i this is on the runway passengers on flight but the floor 68 from sfo heading to new york city had to get off. >> reporter: the a seconds and to the newsroom the situation inside the plane. >> reporter: passengers had the board at kennedy airport in new york and officials say a bomb threat was made wall play was still in the air once the land they get everyone off right now searching the plane.
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that to people the main terminal there interviewing passengers currently in the see the situation there >> reporter: responders searching the plane and still so far no sign of a bomb no injury to report that is the good news delta meanwhile had another plan with the same flight number at jfk. >> reporter: the flight heading from jfk did tell these boarding at the same time the threat was called and the take people off the check that one out to appears nothing connected to the other flight. >> reporter: flight from sfo or before noon our time arrive tonight. >> reporter: no word on who called in this bomb threat officials investigating interviewing everyone the confined in searching the plane right now. >> reporter: no sign of the bomb. >> pam: developing tonight along san mateo bridge. traffic flying animal attractions now * after early afternoon protest shut
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down traffic heading westbound. >> pam: part of the jet jr. king pro holiday had seen protest all across the death brought nearly 1000 demonstrators. >> pam: continue team coverage of today's events with just a bushel live and publicity some of the latest on what's happening in some at san mateo bridge. >> reporter: traffic is flowing smoothly again the sports us caught a lot of headaches for drivers driving across the tech. >> reporter: look at the essex and sea traffic backed up for miles on monday afternoon. look at all the cars with nowhere to go nullity off the bridge. you see in this video in helicopter partnership at abc seven. holiday traffic not light by any stretch.
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>> reporter: protestors use accord and effort to shut the bridge down many got on the bridge on the westbound side and made their way to a high-rise others were dropped off in cars on the sponsor of the bridge. >> reporter: it away the protest was a mess a deal with. all started before 5 am both directions or stop for time. h-p officers able to get the protesters on the east on side of the custody and those lanes reopened a little after 5. the westbound that is where the bulk of the protesters were. chp said more than 30 control units to deal with the crowd and all 58 people were arrested on a bridge the processing them not sent sometimes lead to put in a paddy wagons take into the jail traffic open up and go in for a late in both directions but by 7:00
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p.m.. nor certain rights protests/ >> pam: grant back with more process on the bay area. >> reporter: several demonstrations take a larger starting at of rebel bart station after it king day and his legacy serving as inspiration for people champion of a variety of different calls some more notable black. clive's matters of justice and peace and highlighting the committee's a special minority ones or have been with pleas for bill station of course where are police officer johannas village foster grant and of five years ago. cress mother just a kron earlier to the. if as part luther king had a dream only to have a dream are african-american young men will not be killed by police like they're being killed.
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>> reporter: place as a peaceful day a demonstration and on for bell station that did not result in any rest. protesters taking advantage of the lawyer's game to entities to drink on the coliseum bart station. resorters game was ending late this afternoon barred briefly did close the station quickly reopened. you can see the crowds there a lot of people were not too happy how that went up. meanwhile activist have the we hours of the morning outside oakland mayor with the chef so organizers calling this people's inauguration of diesel protestors say they're angry with the new mayor for spending per operation day shuttling oakland police officers. >> pam: all across the country scores of events commemorating gloves support i consular alicea to engineer a vicki has been watching the celebrations unfold and joins us with more on that. >> catherine: coast-to-
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coast if so much fanfare in today's events also fall in the shadow of a year's escalating racial tensions are on washington president obama firstly rolled up their sleeves for community service project and a local boys and girls club. but the nation's capital annual martin luther king it piece walked pretty see their people marched and celebration loss angeles and dallas and that's considered the country's biggest. >> catherine: and alabama the movie somber drawing big crowds yesterday mason as the marlins to king. the marchers and across the u.s. and canada continued to the express anger on the mistrust between law enforcement and black community. something the president address today. men often hate each other because the theory to other the theory chiller did
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because they do not know each other. they denied knowledge other because they cannot communicate the cannot communicate the are separated. >> reporter: president bite and also dr. ott according ductor king a message over 50 years old and. >> reporter: elsewhere in the bay area today standing- room-only on board caltrans last freedom train this morning. 1400 freedom riders boarding the train in san jose seeing their way north to san francisco. this similar freedom train ride started few years ago by kron scott king to commemorate the march, has been led from selma to montgomery. march designed to push the captain of the 1965 voting rights act. right >> pam: is shared their thoughts of keeping
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alive a stud the king's message about racial equality. all about celebrating his dream and what he stood for equality for all people this up is about freedom for everyone piece for everybody as you see a grandmother it at one for peace. and as originally voting rights. supporting part of a movement and my grandmother were shipped over 50 years and your grandmother. women a long way. >> pam: organizes with the association said clara raleigh say the freedom train being discontinued as a result declining writer ship in recent years and lack of funding our sponsors for annual charter run. >> pam: one-hundred big
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bird's wing tender loving care for a while but the experts tonight after the column short and east bay with or like substance all over the. j.r. stone is live tonight and a word with the rush to save these birds. >> reporter: 01 up the right of the top that number now over 200 birds talking about close to 300 on the total number there. have been busy at work here we are three days after the first dead bird was found. they're still finding dead birds and other birds better sickened by this unknown substance. volunteers working in the the night get these kill the birds to a facility or the to be treated and saved. so far more than to larger birds rescued and brought an element of the senator wrote ward and her dog near the day and came across our dock
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covered in something. >> reporter: piquancy a widish film and try not to touch the bird but also have to to the sunday. falsity. on sale igloo. >> reporter: started more than 50 birds found dead on the shores about me the answer leandro harbor. investigation rescue centers around an unknown substance that has been found on all the birds. >> reporter: rest considered say they never saw material like this tends the state callas on the scene for a saturday have not seen the exhibit pestilence's bigger so since it. it's not hazardous or poisonous to humans but there is on his concern over what is is still in december. >> reporter: dozen of in the st. warm it the freezing to death it's pretty grim. \ >> reporter: shares and was right with the. to the action came the >> reporter: never seen
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ducks on the shore line that been figures and make a assess a chance to begin with the bird rescue. >> reporter: or is afraid a or close the beaches but we're on for investigation of what's going on here. >> reporter: authorities television of the idea of what the substance as possibly later this week. >> reporter: also tell me it is not petroleum based. >> pam: still had said at 8 shoreline's across the bay area experiencing what's called team time what to watch joe for. president delivers state of the union address tomorrow night when the guests are from california. a little orrisroot take on a call the child as close a parts of bay area dog lovers. >> reporter: clouds of forests across the bay and
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a bit of moisture or will you know when the rain is coming up.
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>> pam: minority activists and the bay area of raising awareness and cruelty in china lucia in sunnyvale to mind tells why of the organization is trend and the consumption about in china. >> reporter: new year and new hope for dogs and cats in china organization is fighting to stop the massacre of dogs for the purpose of consumption. most dog meat sections sections we go through use all the bloody a synesthesia is flies as a terrible thing that tour were trying to tell the government does
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come a be a big problem if you don't take care of it no the birth to come from illegal slaughterhouses us for the doors and caps being killed in the back office of the slaughterhouses. >> reporter: sugar and tie one hand that people ate dogs and now spends a lot of time with her parents as much time fighting for dogs and channel. she says stories of being years and restaurants and pets are also being stolen the help fill demand. her friend was a victim . >> reporter: she on her dog she put no caution and dogs feeding is ago and the dogs had a stow and touch and she recognized and found her analysis of. >> reporter: the argolis the eden in the province an organization currently raging out the governor jerry brown to join. the fight against join. >> reporter: eating dogs in china is a cultural thing
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definitely not a cultural thing that to some cultural at the mosque. >> reporter: strays donee dollars and the like the dogs were going to have a petition and we hoping to have a meeting with governor brown to tell him what the situation as. a row with the as. >> reporter: bull rally planned for the tragedy is a barrier across the breadth and one in the bay area will be held at 7 cisco union square 11 the to the afternoon to look for is of a thousand people are expected to attend. live without such right now. >> reporter: is see a lot of fog and moisture in their areas for rain cloud coverage and moisture. but just how low enough temperatures to bring any rainfall for. coming for san francisco 5554 san carlos livermore.
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the 50s in the bay area and the trend will continue next couple days pettifog in the morning were not the afternoon in a pattern it sunday freed us whether increasingly with cecil this week for pettifog in sunshine and a lot of sunshine coming in the weekend ahead. 70 degree temperatures will weekend so fog tracker will show the fall of and an overnight hours and will start to dissipate as weakened see and check in the early see the morning commute. we will see some areas apache thought was the south bay no. i. a clear right here by the afternoon and things will start looking pretty good 44 center fell 47 and half moon bay. 43 it dropped onto and redwood city 47 in hayward and 44 morning low and pleasanton. >> reporter: afternoon highs 63 santa rosa 65 nappa 63 richmond sits. the to for redwood city 60 a word 62
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will be afternoon highs in pleasanton, for 70 on the bay forecast: try. >> reporter: see some clouds in the early week but those will start to burn off by the weekend temperatures will get clean nice but weekend. as temperature as well in the '70s. thousands of people a good everyday at having bipedal elf. >> reporter: but a guy by the name of madison turner isn't shocked tonight after a says the for the cheaper drug that of the to get the offense eating while driving. i was and not exceeding the speed limit for driving erratically he said specifically three times you can drive down the road hitting him your. >> reporter: it was a double quarter pounder with cheese according to the ticket office or the mob under distracted driving law. turner says he plans to fight and the top country
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the government says it cannot, on the ticket. and the case is. thing >> reporter: if you can be said for eating driving right here in california the answer is yes. >> pam: ahead tonight at 8 special honor for the winner of all northern california deputy tomorrow night. >> gary: and broadcast lawyers to miss at and then also little knowledge rain tipping off with the soviets a court matter how much is jim thomas toolmaking how much as tonsil making a letter in this broadcast.
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>> pam: prison obama gives the annual state of the union address tomorrow with lots of hot topics the biggest the president's new tax proposal. the second to raise taxes for the rich to
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fund programs for the middle class. >> pam: 40 and zero be a vote among those of the window a sacramento sheriff's deputy. his kill a line of duty and she'll be in attendance to our night in hopes that the president take a moment to remember fall officer like her husband. >> reporter: he knows what the people to make them feel like your decided not hyde hundred trips. >> reporter: about two months since oliver lost her husband sacramento daniel officer and now to parents among her daughter's. some days with a bill to moving on and then need >> : a bit because. all versatile foundation and was gunned down outside motel october 6, 1920 fourth. one victim of several all-time
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crime spree and try to help their improvement of. protest what for them to please are hard to see. there probably hundreds medical to thousand officers looking for individual close shot my husband. each one held their training like to do when at the fire on a when officers and fire a weapon. >> reporter: congressman invited her to the syrian unisex in helping the present law acknowledge the sacrifices good work of many officers. >> reporter: hulk he would address the unit see it built especially law- enforcement community. >> reporter: hope support the my views about trying to get law-enforcement and work together. >> pam: 40 carry the speech night during the dress and
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join a conversation with any of your own comments by checking kron 4 kron-4-dot- com. later in this news time it sticking tides are here bring for concerns that the bay and bill cosby gets ready for more bay area air it shows will show you where fuel is it not seen near sacramento. coming out there speeders' they just don't care what's gone on all. an uphill battle and mill valley explain in the next addition of people behaving
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>> pam: many areas couldn't a failing grade for nutrition's when they come as vaccinations is selling tickets also speaking of sick this year's flu play a powerful how the second area hospital king ties are here that everyone goes for higher on what occurred temperatures right now but to chile at a run in the '50s what and how high it will get tomorrow coming upper.
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>> pam: an unusually high seas cannot cause flooding create hazards along a coast and in san francisco bay
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area the next couple days kron 4 trawls clifford and run county with details of. >> reporter: position of the moon and sun with the earth creating a bit of an extra gravitational tug on notion creating king tied to a trash a weather service says will continue to wednesday evening. the storm surge is likely lose a because king tide also reached in science and francisco bay. >> reporter: the dos helicopter partnership abc seven news flooding in the ring county monday. >> reporter: high tide the to the monday and wednesday amid a late morning and flooding in local areas and shorelines and said the spots the bay where flooding seen in more and townsley all. on a severance is crowbar durocher line with brit city and national weather service also awarded about dangerous conditions during low tide is. >> reporter: the struggle in late afternoon early tuesday wednesday lopez also bring increased danger of
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recurrence breaking waves near some of harbors during king tis people as to be careful in visiting the cost or shoreline's covers a does not believe their cars and low-lying parts >> : subnotebook drive to further doorways or for the hike were flat whether it will flood waters could drag you in. >> reporter: king tie-ins could be noted as far south as coding creek in the south bay. >> pam: your children in southern california have contracted measles sit. deal with officials confirm those cases are tied to the other cases that started in disneyland last month. measles one of several chow elisas which is preventable as long as children are given the vaccine. >> pam: is the new kaiser permanente a found more and more parents are refusing delaying explanations for their children's. >> pam: dentils aside certain areas were the cineplex seen a and doctors
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are concerned that a stow troubled on the road more more parents refusing to get vaccinated for such things as measles and whooping cough and now turns out certain places in the bay area of more likely to have unvaccinated kids. >> reporter:. doctors say it's a cause for:. will establish an area can a be a position where there are clusters the rest back seen preventable diseases a whopping cough measles after reviewing medical records of a hundred 54,000 northern california children 0.102012 kaiser permanente is found 5 area is more likely to have on the accented kids. the bay area at ease bay for also rewrote cell meta marin southwest and on the county. north eastern san francisco. five clusters are parents that are delaying vaccinations for and the bay area. east bay from richmond and san leandro.
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sonoma and napa county. no. 7 cisco south mine county. small area of vallejo. not participating a be epidemics in these areas but it could be higher rates of preventable diseases and so these areas if we don't touch these children. >> reporter: and spoke with on the alarming. >> reporter: unfortunately should have to worry about 19th century problems and outbreaks. to have a concern about that the seven men approached else who has not had altered vaccine is because she's too young to have the malt. >> reporter: doctors say the next step these clusters identified is reach out to doctors in these areas so they can in turn the job the parents so that have a more in-depth conversation with them about the pros and cons of vaccines/ >> ca will
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>> pam: the increasing problems other taking precautions the hospital's new restrictions an attempt to protect people against getting the spreading the flu and at three of the south bay hospitals are hostile san jose are communal hospital at moscow's banville. started as a research and for any individual comes to our facility with either like symptoms and children under the age of 16. risks when your children and the hospital increase for complications respiratory illnesses especially if little. we want to contain the virus as best we can. >> reporter: page 21 mitscher others come and but at the same time help us primary concern. a absolutely so are visitors
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have been very receptive to instructions bandstand it or bring anything in the hospital and very cooperative community. >> pam: erfurt disease control and knowledge this year's vaccine only about 23 percent effective compared to up to 60 percent effectiveness and years passed. >> reporter: breaking news for learning about a bridge collapse and cincinnati the kellies one person these pictures from the scene. this is the state's 75 overpass partially collapsed onto interstate 75 killing at least one person. the truck driver in the vaults and jeered the fatality construction worker. live pictures as we go to the scene that courtesy of pop up their w.c. p.o.. >> reporter: were looking at the first responders gather around and say 75 cincinnati
8:36 pm
closed and do to this partial overpass collapsed along interstate 75. >> reporter: this happen less than an hour ago crews are on seen try and figure out what may have caused the collapse of unclear at this point. >> reporter: do no construction worker is dead some light and a truck driver injured as you can see some of the debris from that bridge collapsed interstate 75 in cincinnati. we extend top of the story bring you updates as we get them. speeders and just don't care what's going on all. >> reporter: during the cycle is on a small latrell for now due to construction speed limit reduced from 15 to five m.p.h.. >> reporter: the country very fast. come to the present purpose of people across speeds of about vest. >> reporter: a vast and how
8:37 pm
the rare when all is going five. asa a little daughter you really now. as a free slot bicycle. shamir what he this is 5 mi. an hour. a desperate casual >> reporter: person walking and a pace is about to ross browner. learn that all you date using above all the hard this one are walking. >> reporter: area under construction changes can be made as a kid was hit by espy cyclist and kids suffered major injuries including a skull fracture of a castle with a pass and hopes it'll make it safer for everyone. >> reporter: is not tx of like half its multiuse trailer. right now construction in this house us some riders travel 10 50 mi. an hour the goes zipping through here one at a block off another to the circle
8:38 pm
and else will slow down but it appeared to sell was a problem. all parties, said the path and all but severed kids are on the other side emetine the to the bicycles. >> reporter: like this was going so quickly there hitting pedestrians and kids and dogs. >> reporter: and staff have proper our sign altered with duct tape and most people are actually reading the sign. >> reporter: is not over will have to return on announced when the construction is done find out who really is doing the speeding. >> reporter: biker's playing the tourists for causing all the problems really is the tourists the to rest are very accommodating and walk through here with their bikes whereas speed beckers come through here and just don't pay any attention. >> pam: still had at 8 miss universe photographs scandal will makes the picture so controversial
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comedian bill cosby by passing rate obligations as his tour comes to it california. >> reporter: the turn severances go #nice more details come at can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my
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>> reporter: afternoon mainly sunday mostly sunny for most the bay area a. temperatures policies pre nice day much like it was a fog tracker for give you a
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better idea of where the fall will build level start to dissipate and see it did starting about early morning by afternoon pretty much a thing of the tests. the steel labelling clause in the parts of the south and north bay as well. one anglo's not happened on too far because the fog starting insulator temperatures could come up not even falling out of his severance is go. to know is 50 for sematech of 40 oakland 46 for concord. 44 pleasanton a little cooler for some inland areas 42 for nappa as well 42 said rosa. >> reporter: 3 and highs 3963 monday 64 sunnyvale. 66 and it was cut 66 and milpitas and east bay route 61 for vallejo 63 in san leandro. but mr. castro valley as well union city. 64 danville 66 unpleasant than. thing for pleasanton very pleasant. 62 in san francisco after it highs. for sunday on the bay
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forecasts on try and only getting hotter by the weekend. quickies see a solution for parents and heats the getting torn apart by the researchers what they want a tasty food is really doing. >> pam: in sports the raiders have the new offensive coordinator terry has a cladism or is strata that shed another franchise record high whats all sports coming up next for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small.
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>> pam: will to amend our miami and a competing when it wins it for messrs. pageant. misled on accuse mrs. israel for coming in the picture taking is of the trip. this is real says that she is said and by negative reaction to the photograph. >> pam: tensions remain high between israel and arab countries and organizations as the picture was nothing more than a symbol of universal fun ship, children picky eaters most will allow us as a pizza. as back now to explain why might want think twice before a search kids want. new study in the medical journal pediatrics reveals eating pizza is changing young people love for the better. is an kids eat pizza significantly
8:46 pm
more car is sunday is when they don't eat pizza. >> reporter: in take a similar to the being fast- food burgers fries. the study on any given day it 20 percent of american kids are scarfing down us lesser to. >> reporter: talking cleanout researchers say that peat's the jury drinks and a child of obesity and other health issues and scientists recommend doctors talked to parents as the nets pediatrician employment about how much credence other kids are in fact even. >> gary: good evening everyone and live to keep asking one of the lawyers go slow down incredible run sunday a monolithic carried enough to play that much.
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this is a one-sided 20 points thompson had 22 in the warriors their lead got up to 40. j >> gary: is michael mcadoo fresh from the believe from setscrews 11 points and 13 minutes for most favored by curries' debut nothing but my son news for the starters as steve curries' tim wind's 1227933 and 6 and addresses the trip to a franchise record for the street when a car the gusto sports show sunday night. step >> gary: for women jumping ahead in 31 years. she did handstands machine stanford did not get down. arizona state first time in 31 years. stanford added chapman said the buzzer but too far less said. >> gary: see the 57 stanford loses the naples arizona
8:48 pm
state. consider the first time in 31 years. with the coaching move and the bay area somebody a good one. bill once upon time for the 49 a backup quarterback around the block his been the eagles' quarterback coach of late kill work for jack del rio has oakland raiders' new offensive coordinator. like we said one-year assistant coach about to bounce. hogan find a home for a few years right here oakland. >> gary: again bouncing lane kidman plays a different order for the for the farmers position bouncing in one year and held them off worried told the crimson tide to a final four of college football. >> gary: >> gary: prior to that a head coaching afc. >> gary: prepared that ahead and tennessee prior to that head coach with oakland
8:49 pm
raiders pride a that assistant coach you of see. young son is thirties' but has the look and has a feel for offensive football question is is the honest a one-year bonds. >> gary: the elected to the din for hard-core sports fans and audience reach us tonight would you like the sea lanes can then as 49ers new. offensive new >> gary: a controversy in his background remember news coach and the raiders all been said the throw midseason because i lost trust in him. have i would like you make plans on the be on the air but befriends all be doing my first offered some ideas from other saying no a worry about being good on tv radioed are you doing. mom getting hit but chet's o'clock wednesday night pam
8:50 pm
every nobody were setting this up to we didn't even be a great be passionate foreign all our love live chat young folks pam what happened. >> gary: you have is looking and a night and return and a complete fool but what a bloody leather that's great. >> gary: all people in twitter audience live chat tell you my personal feelings on open up. >> gary: corp. bear myself naked. >> gary: bill and a chance all the long rapid assure it what you with everything. see on tv talking for a few minutes back to pam and will a funny story here from israel get get lynn from on that stuff wednesday night 6:00. >> gary: 1 even order threat into a story and the
8:51 pm
passenger it traditional television. >> gary: the $0.5 million of three head coaches in the lead when jacksonville when san diego and charlotte brenda mccoy and rivera less money harbaugh made 5 million that leaked out today at 3 naphtha still predawn good that's it again for promoting year tweets. >> pam: next happen at the battle committee and bill cosby to the stage to the northern california.
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>> pam: a causally faces sexual assault allegations for years ago on the road again last night performed in turbot. and i supported you did of this look back clashed. >> reporter: it is also a broad coming to town is a big deal. grow up watching mtv by a brother has record albums of his comedy acts. this recent controversy makes crosby an even bigger deal. mislike until this happened. >> reporter: this having writ claims are the 77 year- old comedian more than 20 women come forward. >> reporter: as $20 billion and asking for the venture. some women sang caused the drug and raped them to the attorney denying that. people coming out all these years later and no witness and not even a polaroid. >> reporter: or cause 1000
8:56 pm
people on the cilantro to a at least reconsider though once squeaky clean image. >> reporter: a difficult and it's kind of hard a thing he's such a legend growing up really enjoying his comedy. >> reporter: able to a $65 the pit of the tickets coming up for this of clams surfaced. a wash in a recent cnn i've done research and believe they can't all be lying. >> reporter: some fans it doesn't affect their views of him or his work. i like the fact he has a sense of family volume in the show and i enjoyed that. cause be scheduled in bakersfield february 12th at the flint center for the performing arts and cupertino june 7th that's it for us tonight day clock will be back alive than a complete wrap of of today's
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